Top 3 of the Day

It was another no school snow day here following yet another blizzard. 

Our top 3 moments of the day were:

1) TT proclaiming the Nutcracker on my shirt from the Festival Ballet was the Nut "Cookie".

2)  Harry thanking me for the great work I was doing with my plan.  I  explained to him it was all his strategy at work and HE was the one doing all the hard work!  I received a HUGE hug and lots of tears!  A MIRACLE INDEED!!!

3)  Saw a homeless man at 4:02PM on the way home from Target  standing in a pile of snow on the side of the road.  He stands in the same place everyday.  Today he was rocking back and forth without gloves in 29 degree weather with a whoknowswhat wind chill.  My mom and I looked at each other and decided we must act.  I quickly turned the car around, drove to D&D and picked up a large Hot Chocolate.  My mom prepared her gloves and the boys prepared their popcorn from Target to give to the man.  When we got there at 4:09PM, he was gone and nowhere in sight.  The boys insisted we go search for him and follow his footprints in the snow.  If only it was that easy.  The truth is, he probably had to be back by sundown to the shelter to get a bed. 

I think my children are finally learning that not all people are as fortunate as we are and have the family that supports them when times are tough.   Our family does not have a lot of anything, but we have each other and we have love.  We have the commitment to always be there for each other.  We must take care of each other as a family, as a local community and as a global nation.  We must love each other in good times and love each other even more when it hurts.    xoxo

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