Tardy to the Party but I'm here!!!


So I'm jumping on the bandwagon. The Blogging bandwagon. The 365 day project bandwagon. The always late to the technology party bandwagon. But the fact is, I am here.

I have always been the one who eventually "finds" technology and uses it. I just "find" it later than most. I guess you have to be in a social circle of people who talk about these things. I am not. I guess you have to watch the news, read the paper, open a magazine or log onto a news website once a year to know whats happening.

I really don't have the time for things like that. Single mom here. 3 boys. Busy, active BOYS!!! Did I mention BOYS?!!

So, I'm just going to jump in head first not knowing what I'm doing and post a picture from last night of 2 of my boys asleep. So peaceful! The middle one is going thru his cranky, hormonal stage (boys do that???) and the youngest is teething still (when will this end????). So the fact it is quiet in the house is a blessing.

I think they are faking! That's what makes the picture even better!!!!

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