Playoff Weekend

Football plays a large part of our life.  My oldest 2 boys have been playing for several years now and the baby has been on a football field since he was 5 days old.  He could even say TOUCHDOWN at 11 months old.  So, it's no surprise during this playoff weekend that our TV's are on in all the rooms so we don't miss a hit play.

Game 1

Ravens @ Steelers - The Ravens are my second favorite team in the NFL since I love Ray Lewis and his hard hitting ways!  But unfortunately they lost!  There is always next year.  :-(

Game 2

Green Bay @ Falcons - I really couldn't care less about this game except that we are considering moving to Atlanta.  Could this be our team in the near future???

Game 3

Jets @ New England - This is the most important game of the weekend to us since the Pats are our home team.  Brady looks good.  In the words of Will and Optimus, "Autobots, roll out!"

Game 4

WHO, WHAT, WHERE???  This is where I stop caring because it has to do with the NFC.

15 years from now, I will be sitting in a sky box somewhere watching one of my children play during one of these playoff games.  Surrounded by better food, more comfortable furniture, cheering just as loud and still not caring who is playing for the NFC!  Go Pats!!!

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