What's in your box?

{BTW I was never that happy moving...EVER!!!}

We have this unpacked box in our house.  I am pretty sure everyone has one from their last move.  Whether it be from 6 months, 6 years or 16 years ago - it's there somewhere.  It's that one last box that they never got to.  But if you never got to "it', what are the chances that you even need what is in it? 

Do you know what is packed inside it?  Has it been sent to the dark, damp basement to get water logged in many rain storms?  To the attic to get chewed up by mice or moths?  Or is in your closet tucked way in the back under all the other junk that you keep piling on top of it?  Or is it like mine and just sitting straight out in your dining room for the world to see?

It says, "Look it me...I am the box that has not been opened.  I hold the contents that you NEEDED to transport around with you thru the last 4 moves in 12 years and you still didn't open.  I am not labeled except for my generic UHAUL stamping.  I have seen you thru the birth of 3 children, 1 marriage and 1 divorce, the purchase and sale of a house and the roller coaster of your career.  And every night I listen to you and your children gather around the dining room table eating dinner, discussing the days events and sharing dreams, joys and tears.  I am a part of your family and yet I am still just a box.

You refuse to open me because of the unknown of what is inside me.  I am admittedly pretty heavy in weight.  If I was THAT important, I would have been marked so.  What are you afraid of that you will find inside me?  I am a box..nothing more!"

Our unopened boxes are metaphors for life.  We are afraid of the unknown.  Opening "Pandora's Box" for me could potentially contain something I may not want to address.  However, it could also hold something as simple as dishes.  LOL!  If I just throw the box in the dumpster, this box would no longer be an issue.  Since it has been 12 years that I haven't opened or addressed it and have no idea what's inside, I might as well just throw it out.  I have nothing to lose at this point since nothing IMPORTANT is missing from my life.  Or is there?


the first step is admitting you have a problem..

i have a problem...i am addicted to food that makes me sick.
i spent 35 years eating lots of bread and milk, cheese and cookies.
then, i had this perfect baby.
he got sick with the most horrible eczema known to man that would not go away.
after pleading with the pediatrican, she performed a RAST allergy test.
he tested positive for egg whites, dairy, wheat and peanuts.
he was 8 months old then.
i was still breastfeeding so i eliminated all those things from my diet as well.
his eczema cleared up immediately.  the dark circles under his eyes disappeared.  his poops were less painful too.
and i lost 40 lbs - really fast.  i felt amazing.  i was allergic too!  who knew?  all my "stomach issues" growing up were this?
that was 8 months ago.
but sure enough i fell off the wagon.  not immediately, not even for the holidays.
more like during extreme stress about a month ago.
and now i am "sick" again and detoxing.
memo to self......remember how you feel now...and think TWICE, THREE TIMES, FOUR TIMES...before you put another piece of toxic food in your mouth ever again!!