the first step is admitting you have a problem..

i have a problem...i am addicted to food that makes me sick.
i spent 35 years eating lots of bread and milk, cheese and cookies.
then, i had this perfect baby.
he got sick with the most horrible eczema known to man that would not go away.
after pleading with the pediatrican, she performed a RAST allergy test.
he tested positive for egg whites, dairy, wheat and peanuts.
he was 8 months old then.
i was still breastfeeding so i eliminated all those things from my diet as well.
his eczema cleared up immediately.  the dark circles under his eyes disappeared.  his poops were less painful too.
and i lost 40 lbs - really fast.  i felt amazing.  i was allergic too!  who knew?  all my "stomach issues" growing up were this?
that was 8 months ago.
but sure enough i fell off the wagon.  not immediately, not even for the holidays.
more like during extreme stress about a month ago.
and now i am "sick" again and detoxing.
memo to self......remember how you feel now...and think TWICE, THREE TIMES, FOUR TIMES...before you put another piece of toxic food in your mouth ever again!!

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