Best Friends

I am so glad I had my children fairly young - mid 20's and then 35 for the baby.   This has given my children the opportunity to bond and learn from their grandparents and great grandmother.  My extended family is very small.  But those people are VERY important to me.

What is most important in this family dynamic is my oldest son and I share a bond that goes far beyond words.  We share the bond of having the same best friend - but it is not each other.  Our best friend is my mother.

She has been there for me through thick and thin and everything in between.  However, her first connected experience with my oldest son started at his birth in March 1999.  She was the first one to hold him when he was born not breathing and gray when the doctor repeated for what seemed like minutes on end, "Come on baby, BREATHE, BREATHE!"

Today she is there for him when he needs someone to listen without being judgemental, someone to put him on the bus every morning, someone to stand on the football field in the dark in the cold October night cheering after a long hard practice and someone who as his godmother guides him spiritually to become a better young man than he already is.

I love my mother and think she is the most awesome woman I know, not because she is my mother.  Because she is really is ONE COOL CHICK!!

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