7 Things I Have Learned During The Last 7 Days

1. I have tried to make my bedroom a "Big Girl Room" and get away from my classic shabby chic/cottage style with shades of pink, aqua and white. I have learned that any other colors in my bedroom just don't work for me. I am who I am. And I like me - for the most part on a good day!

2. Any project that starts out with "How hard can it be?" is never a good thing.  Do your research but not too much. Too much preparation stifles the creative process!

3. While I am all about being natural in terms of toys, clothing, food, skin care, raising my children and being crunchy in general, something I can not seem to totally embrace anymore is natural cleaning products. I have tried various brands, homemade recipes and now have given up cleaning althogether because I am so frustrated! I am back to Soft Scrub, Tide for the Boys clothes and Lysol to sanitize with!

4. I refuse to pay full price, half price or even discounted prices for MY clothing anymore after shopping at Savers and the Salvation Army. Yes, I do buy my underwear, socks and bras new although I have been wearing the same Bravado nursing bras since I became pregnant with James. Anything else is such a waste. I have just become so thrifty when it comes to myself. I will however spend $40 on a new diaper for the baby or even $65 for a pair of Sustainablebabyish wool pants. But I do also score great deals for them at those joints too!  Pictures to follow of todays scores.

5. My hair looks best in a short bob. Unlayered! Thank You...please don't ever convince me otherwise!!

6. Crock Pot liners are a must for me. Otherwise, I will not clean that damn thing for several days weeks after I use it. It will become a science experiment - and I hated Science growing up!

7. Blogging is so much more time consuming than I thought. I said to myself, "How hard could it be?" Well, life has a way of creeping up on you and this definately got pushed to the back burner. Hell, a shower got pushed to the back burner for several days. So while I may not get to blog every day, my ideas continue to backup in my brain and hope that it automatically saves a copy of each draft until I can come and upload it here.

Until next time,

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